Is there a time selected for inventions
and ideas to happen,
Is the imagination that is found
in our minds placed there at certain times
and given to us from a place
we call the other dimension.
If this is a possibility, then perhaps
our life and will to go forward
Is controlled by those from that door
Which separates us from that other world.
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The drifting country road,
Where does it go ,but the future
Walk along and you are a ghost of the past
The clouds are the steps to heaven,
Old graveyards stand to honour
Trees bent from time and wind,
Small streams ring as bells by the side of the road,
The country road,the beginning of our past.
I'm learning to see,but I have no eyes
I'm learning to dance,but I have no legs
I'm learning to talk, but I have no voice
I'm learning to write, but I have no hands
I'm learning to love because I have a heart.
copyright 1992-2001 G.W.Freele

copyright 1993-2001 G.W.Freele
My Heart To Your Heart
Love is caring for you through good days and bad days.
Understanding your mistakes,
Doing things for you without a lot of questions.
Caring for you with a sensitive heart,
Not forgetting the special things you like.
Love takes time, from one day to infinity.
Love is many things, which comes from within.
You are, someone special.
It seems the more I learn about life,
The less I understand it.
True friendship is the chemistry
between two people that last a lifetime,
never judge that bond and you will
have a friend for life.

Spirit of a poem
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